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Our Grand Prize Winner!

A favorite family recipe made with a chocolate cake mix, eggs, almond extract and Lucky Leaf Cherry Fruit Filling & Topping becomes a special winter holiday treat after a day of playing in the snow. Waffle cones are layered with cubes of the Black Forest Bars, mini marshmallows, milk chocolate squares and extra spoonfuls of Lucky Leaf Cherry Fruit Filling & Topping. The cones are tightly wrapped in foil and heated over the campfire (or in the oven) for a toasty, fun warm up. Living in the Far North can be cold, but we’re always looking for ways to embrace our beautiful special gifts from Mother Nature. As a Grandmother, I’m always looking for ways to garner some sweet smiles and warm some little hearts. These toasty, fruity, chocolate-filled cones will be the hit of any holiday gathering!

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