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Julie: Julie's Eats & Treats

Get to know Julie.

Julie's method for balancing her career, family, hobbies, and baking delicious treats is to create simple recipes that use ingredients that can be found in almost anyone's kitchen. Baking is about treating your friends, your family and yourself!

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Dawn: Not Just a Mommy

Our dearest Dawn.

Although she loves to bake, her true passion is party planning and she believes every event is a celebration. She calls herself “Madame ItCameFromABox” because she can make any box mix taste homemade.

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Alicia: The Mama Report

This is Alicia.

Alicia loves baking with her 3-year-old kitchen helper. She says baking creates a loving, comfy environment for her and her family. She calls herself "The Culinator" because there is no recipe or kitchen tool she cannot tackle.

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Charley: Cooke's Frontier

Meet Charley.

According to Charley, if every bowl in the kitchen isn't dirty, you're not baking! She calls herself "Spatula Girl," who frees all of the cookies from the evil cookie sheet of doom.

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Randi: A Lucky Ladybug

Introducing Randi.

She bakes to express herself and enjoys being creative & adventurous in the kitchen. She never follows a recipe, and calls herself "Robust Randi" because she doesn't do ordinary, and focuses on extreme flavor creations.

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Susan S.: Susan's Disney Family

Say hello to Susan.

Her husband (aka "The Mixer") is her most handy dandy kitchen tool of all. She measures baking success by treats that are gone in a day. She calls herself "Super Baker" because she can bake anything in a super tiny kitchen.

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